Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment services offered in San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks, CA

Up to 47% of Americans 30 and older have gum disease, a condition that increases the risk of other oral health problems, like cavities and tooth loss. At Sherman Oaks Smile Studio, cosmetic and family dentist Niki Zarabian, DDS, and the team offer periodontal disease treatment to people of all ages, including scaling and root planing, laser bacterial reduction, and laser gum treatment. To make an appointment, call the office in Sherman Oaks, California, or book online today.

What is periodontal disease treatment?

Periodontal disease treatment addresses inflammation caused by gum disease. Specifically, it treats:


Gingivitis occurs when plaque –– a thin film of bacteria, saliva, and food particles –– collects on your teeth and beneath your gums. Over time, the buildup irritates your gums, causing them to become inflamed and pull away from your teeth.


When gingivitis goes untreated, it progresses to periodontitis. With periodontitis, your gums continue receding. That causes your teeth to loosen, increasing your risk of more serious oral health problems.

Who can benefit from periodontal disease treatment?

Consider periodontal disease treatment at Sherman Oaks Smile Studio if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Swollen or puffy gums
  • Gums that feel tender or swollen
  • Bad breath
  • Painful chewing
  • Gums that pull away from your teeth
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together
  • New spaces developing between your teeth

You should also seek periodontal disease treatment if your gums bleed after brushing or flossing your teeth.

What happens during periodontal disease treatment?

At Sherman Oaks Smile Studio, periodontal disease treatment begins with a review of your dental records and a discussion of your symptoms. Next, Dr. Zarabian performs an oral exam and takes a series of digital X-rays to assess the severity of the infection.

After gathering the necessary information, Dr. Zarabian and the team develop a custom periodontal disease treatment plan.

What are the types of periodontal disease treatment?

At Sherman Oaks Smile Studio, Dr. Zarabian and the team offer several types of periodontal disease treatment, including:

Patient education 

The easiest way to keep gum disease at bay is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Dr. Zarabian can teach you how to maximize the benefits of brushing and flossing. She can also make nutrition recommendations and schedule routine checkups and teeth cleaning to prevent plaque from building up.

Scaling and root planing

If you have gingivitis, Dr. Zarabian might recommend scaling and root planing. At Sherman Oaks Smile Studio, the highly skilled dental hygienists have more than 10 years of experience doing this type of treatment.

During scaling and root planing, your provider gently removes plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. This process smooths out your tooth roots, preventing your gums from receding even more.

Laser gum treatment

If you have periodontitis, Dr. Zarabian might recommend laser gum treatment. Laser gum treatment uses targeted light energy to eliminate harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your mouth.

Customized recalls and checkups

Sometimes, gum disease requires several types of treatment. If that’s the case, Dr. Zarabian and the team might recommend checkups every few weeks to monitor your progress. If necessary, Dr. Zarabian can even prescribe antibiotics to complement in-office therapies.

To learn more about periodontal disease treatment, make an appointment at Sherman Oaks Smile Studio by calling the office or booking online today.